Our Services

At Penta Foodservice we pride ourselves on our customer service. Below are some key services we offer. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

We offer various methods for receiving orders to suit our customer requirements. Note that all orders must be placed before midnight for next day delivery:

  • Order by Telephone/Voicemail: 033 0052 7249
  • Orders can be placed between 9:00am and 4:30pm with your dedicated Telesales advisor. Outside these hours, the Penta answerphone service is available.
  • ALL orders must be placed before midnight for a next day delivery.
  • Email:
  • Fax: 0845 051 0224
  • Minimum Orders: There is no minimum order value for deliveries within the M25. Minimums do apply to orders elsewhere. Please contact Business Development Manager to discuss.
  • Electronic order receipt and invoicing system (EDI): We offer all customers, who run the FnB Shop (Four Hospitality) or Red Pepper (Comtrex AS2) softwares, the facility to interface with our computer system to receive orders and send invoices electronically. For further information, please contact your Business Development manager.
  • Additions to orders: To help us get your delivery on time we would prefer you to place your main order between 9:00am and 4:30pm. Any additional orders, can be placed on our answerphone service before the midnight order cut-off time.

All our customers have a dedicated Business Development Manager (BDM). Our BDMs are specially trained to work closely with new and existing customers. They play a pivotal role in introducing you to your dedicated Telesales Advisor and bringing together other departments in the business to meet your requirements.

Each BDM has a portfolio of accounts which they manage with their allocated Telesales Advisor. Their area of expertise is:

  • To find and develop new potential
  • Managing (with their Telesales counterparts) existing customers requirements and visiting those existing accounts on a regular basis
  • Being involved in finding solutions for issues that may arise from time to time
  • Highlighting current product promotions
  • Suggesting new lines to customers (either frozen Chilled or Dry) to the current mix of products supplied to them
  • Helping customers to consolidate their supplier base through Penta Foodservice, covering a larger range of the products being supplied by fewer suppliers
  • Managing price reviews
  • Organising and coordinating product specification/data as per customer requirements

As is the case with the Business Development Managers, each customer has a dedicated Telesales adviser. When calling us, you can always ask for your dedicated advisor who will be happy to take your order or help with any other query you may have.

The idea for the dedicated advisor is to forge a closer working relationship with their respective customer contact, have in depth knowledge of their buying history and recommend new products services.

Each member of the dedicated Telesales team works hand-in-hand with their allocated field-based Business Development manager in managing their customer portfolio. Their main area of expertise is:

  • Capture inbound orders via the telephone, email, fax and answerphone.
  • In depth knowledge of the customers buying patterns and history and delivery details.
  • Upselling products through outbound calls (product promotions) as well as gap selling.
  • Assisting the customers with their various queries e.g. new products and prices, liaising with other departments within the business to answer customers’ questions, resolving issues arising during the normal business day.

We take pride in having a dedicated Customer Services team waiting to provide daily back up to day to day challenges and issues and give the Penta management feedback from you so that improvements can be made to our service. The Customer Service advisors are trained to deal with any issues in a prompt and professional manner. They handle the following matters during a typical business day:

  • Credit queries
  • Credit notes
  • Price queries
  • All customer complaints
  • Estimated time of delivery enquiries
  • Product issues
  • Advising and imparting with information regarding Holiday/ Bank holiday opening and operating times

In any successful business, the accounts department plays an integral part in customer management. Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. We are proud to boast that our accounts department are:

  • On site, professionally trained accounts personnel assisting all customers with payments.
  • Collate and send monthly statements to all customers either electronically, fax or post.
  • Assisting customers to mutually agree the best payment method e.g. Bank Transfers, Cheques, Direct Debts, Cash or Credit cards).
  • Assessing Individual credit applications and liasing with our field based Business Development managers and the customers.
  • Helping potential new customers to apply for a credit account with Penta Foodservice. Assisting in completing an application form and ensuring all the required information is properly completed.
    (Please note – at least 5 – 7 working days are needed for credit approval. Please Attach PDF.)
  • Our standard payment terms are 28 days from statement. We ask our customers to respect our payment terms and to reciprocate the service we provide by ensuring the payments due are made on time.

With 45 multi-temperature vehicles at our disposal and 24 hour transport cover, our Transport team have the expertise and resources to meet all customers delivery requirement successfully.

We deliver:

MONDAY to FRIDAY nationally, subject to specific delivery days for customers outside London. SATURDAY deliveries are offered into London, subject to a pre-arranged agreement. Kindly speak to your Business Development manager to setup these arrangements. London customers have the option of either Day-time deliveries or Night-time deliveries depending on their specific requirements. This needs to be discussed and pre-arranged through your Business Development manager.

Our aim is to endeavour to deliver to our customers before lunch service, avoiding service times, where ever possible. For our national coverage, please see the delivery days and the cities we deliver to in the Transport section of this website.

Our aim is to provide price stability at competitive rates to our customers. Prices are reviewed every three months and should a price change, one month’s notice is given as standard.

We can negotiate ‘special’ prices for different time periods which would vary from customer to customer, depending on volumes and other specific requirements.

We pride ourselves with stocking over 2,500 unique ambient, chilled and frozen product lines. These range from the ‘every day’ well-known brands (Heinz, Kelloggs and many others) and products such as cooking oils, sauces and dry goods to exquisite fine foods from France and Europe, Latin foods from Central and South America and Far Eastern ingredients from South East Asia, China and Japan.

We pack and supply many products under own established brands: Benito, Orient Pearl, Ethnic and Stock & Broth Co (see Brands page). Our frozen and chilled foods ranges are expanding. Frozen breads and desserts, potato fries, ice creams, cheeses and other dairy products are just some of the products supplied.

We are one of largest importers of Thai fragrant rice, Sushi rice, noodles from China, Coconut milk and Rice sticks and paper from Thailand. All our canned tomatoes are directly imported from Italy as are most of our canned vegetable and fruits. Our inventory system can manage stock on a daily to monthly basis ensuring efficient stock management.

Our buyers have helped us to establish our company as one of the leading and progressive foodservice businesses in the UK market. We can bring the following strengths to the partnership:

  • 22 years of knowledge in sourcing products globally and continue to strive forward to meet our customers changing requirements.
  • With buying offices in Thailand and China, and supplier links in Europe, USA and South America, we are able to extract unparalleled local knowledge of food ingredients from various parts of the world.
  • Our buying team micro-manages stock levels to ensure product availability.
  • We have the buying volume many commodity and specialised lines to negotiate on price to ensure best value for our customers.
  • Are able to add value to our customer’s brands and businesses by the products we are able to buy directly from source.

The quality of produce, food safety and traceability are increasingly becoming one of the pillars of our business. With increased requirements from our customers for product data and information and due diligence, we have and are currently investing more and more resources in food safety. We can offer customers:

  • Accredited CMI certification.
  • HIGHER LEVEL ACCREDITATION with NSF CMI for importation, storage, distribution of ambient, chilled and frozen foods and non-food items.
  • Recognised supplier audits to ensure ‘due diligence’ and accreditation.
  • Offer product traceability – especially important for our imported lines.
  • In-house food safety consultant.
  • Environmental and waste recycling systems and policies.

With our own presentation kitchen on site, our product development team are able to present new and fresh innovative products from our vast product range. The kitchen allows us to create a similar environment to our customer’s surroundings when cooking and presenting specific ingredients.

The facility helps us to:

  • Show new and existing customers the overall customer experience when using Penta Foodservice as a supplier.
  • Create product awareness when customers are visiting our business.
  • Customers can test and taste specific products that may fit their requirements.
  • Existing Customers can cook and spend time with their dedicated Business Development Managers to help them plan for new menu changes.
  • Enhance our strength as a business when new potential customers are considering to take us on as one of their key primary suppliers.
  • Develop and add new products to our branded lines.
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